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When I heard about this application, I was over the moon! Because I miss studying so much and I need something to fill my longing.

I remembered when I finished sign up, I immediately searched for all the rooms entitled in English. I wanted to learn and practice more and more. I think it never too late to start again although I stop talk or read something in English for almost five years.

There's one room that I love until now "English Cafetaria U/ Orang Indonesia"

I felt uptight for the first time. But I enjoyed it.

Just like general discussion group that we know, that room has moderator to keep the discussion going as well too.

We need to raise our hand when we want to speak. Then we choose our partner to start the conversation. We only have four minutes to discuss everything we want. When the time's up, we must stop to talk. Don't worry we can talk later then with the others in this room. And the rule's still the same. 

I also had one experience when I joined another room. But sadly I forget the room's name. Whereas I wanna join that room again.

The only rule of the room is the moderator will choose one word for us then we must make a story with that word for three minutes. The word chosen for me at that time was crown.

Please let me show you my story...

So I just wanna share my favorite thing to do recently in my life. I hope that I can continue study English at clubhouse. Because I need it to improve my English with all of my virtual friends that I respect. They're good listener. We learn together regardless of each other's background.

Finally I realize that the magic of clubhouse is madly true. It's really witnessing the most unlikely collisions of people.

Let's connect if you want to join the same room with me.
Let's have a drink to our thirsty soul :)